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Book Haul (1) April 10, 2012

So today I had a little bit of free time after my 4 hour long class. (Yes! It’s ONE class)

I had a Dr. appointment but it wasn’t for another 2 hours, So I did two of my favorite things.

I ate. (YumO KFC how I heart thee)

And I book shopped. (It is after all one of my rare talents)

So let’s skip all the Chit Chat and get to the preciousssssss


Bad girl turned Grim Reaper.


Visions? Angels? Academies? Count Me in!


The Hunger Games meets The Chaos Walking Trilogy.


I can’t wait to get to these books. Both Croak and Forbidden are 2012 Releases that I have been LIVING to read and No Mans land sounds like it will be action packed!

Do any book shopping lately? Let me know what you got.


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